vessel coverVessel

Vessel is Saro’s first solo CD. Named for the ritual role that ballad singers take on- as containers for stories old and new- this all-accapella CD presents Saro’s favorite songs from her repertoire. From high-adventure ballads like “Little Soldier Boy” to religious hymns such as “Guide Me Great Jehovah” and political laments like “James Connolly,” this CD elegantly explores a wide range of story-songs from across the ocean and back. Not only providing unique variations on classic ballads, Vessel is guaranteed to present lesser-known pieces you’ve never heard before- and will want to add to your repertoire.

Hard copies will be available to order in the spring of 2016.  Digital downloads can be bought Here.

Download the liner notes to the CD here: VESSEL LINER NOTES

final-coverBlair Pathways

A collaboration of over 25 musicians, the Blair Pathways CD is a musical journey through the history of West Virginia’s Coal Wars. Award-winning musicians including banjo player Riley Baugus, ballad singer Elizabeth Laprelle and Dom Flemons of the Carolina Chocolate Drops contributed to this remarkable compilation. Labor historian Bruce Watson writes: “This powerful collection ranges from forgotten labor anthems to gritty laments to soulful fiddle and banjo tunes. Lovingly rendered by contemporary artists, each song seems cut out of the coal mines themselves.” Produced by Saro Lynch-Thomason in 2012.

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CoverThe Lone Mountain Book

Written and illustrated by Saro, Lone Mountain is an illustrated children’s story book created to educate youth about mountaintop removal (MTR) coal mining. Set in central Appalachia, this 32-page book presents beautifully illustrated full color pages that compel and educate youth and adult readers alike. Focusing on Appalachia’s rich cultural and natural heritage- from its biodiversity to its clean water, food sources and medicinal plants- Lone Mountain presents a framework for learning about the valuable gifts of the Appalachian Mountains while raising awareness about the threats of mountaintop removal.

Set in central Appalachia, the story is told from the perspective of Lone Mountain, who has a close relationship with the community of people who use the mountain slopes for food, water and medicine. When mountaintop removal threatens to destroy those relationships, mountain people seek to educate others across the country about the ways in which we all benefit from the health of the Appalachian Mountains.

See some illustrations Here.

To order your copy or copies, e-mail Saro directly at [email protected].